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Re: [T3] Valve issues...

<x-flowed>>>On my engine, stock 67, dual carbs....  the engine is new, and not in
>>the car.... The dist. rotor points to the notch in the dist body, and the 
>>valve gap is at .006", but the notch in the crankshaft pulley doesnt line 
>>up with the little projection on the fan shroud.  its like a good 
>>40degrees off... it IS supposed to line up, right?  and the pulley can 
>>only go on one way, right? so then, this means that my longblock was 
>>assembled wrong?

>The pulley is most likely right. The dist drive is most likely wrong. >You 
>can make it work this way, but it will be a constant source of >confusion. 
>It's worth getting it corrected.

I just put a new longblock in my square, and during installation I noticed 
the same issue, though not to that degree. All you need to do, AFTER you 
have made sure that the block is at #1 TDC is just pull out the dist 
drivestaft enough (you dont have to pull it out all the way) to reset it in 
the proper location. Just look at the bottom of the dist with the rotor 
pointed at the notch, and reset the drive shaft so that it will be in the 
correct location. Remember that the driveshaft rotates slightly during 
installation. Also keep in mind that you will need to have enough room to 
rotate the dist to set the timing.

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