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Re: Re[T3]forging ahead with short block


The deal with Breg is that , yes you need the catalog..it is one of the best 
publications out there.
I added a few other "options" to my full-flow kit, I opted for the Stainless 
Steel Braided hoses (the rubber ones are ok , but they could burst after 
some time ,and the Stainless can last a lifetime.
I also bought the oil pump cover with the Presure relief valve in the cover, 
this helps reduce oil pressure in cold climates on start-up in the morning 
on a cold day you can blow apart an oil filter with little problem.
Yes the Rear engine hanger will need to be cut, but the machine shop that 
you have been working with can do this for 15 bucks or so. Take them the 
full -flow kit [if you get it]and the oiul pump and the hangerand the back 
of your fan shroud, show them all the parts and will have no problem making 
it all work.
The kit come complete you need to buy nothing , they even toss in your first 
oil filter for you !

True , your case may not have the best life left in it but it will work in 
your stock application.

HEY Jim-
not to question you , or step on toes here , but your saying that RIMCO is 
the only machine shop you would ever deal with ?

Are you saying other shops cant do the job or dont have the ability? Isnt 
that a bit harsh, no?

I think if you have a local machine shop with good background  and you can 
speak with them directly and direct them in what you want done, you are far 
better off than shipping your stuff to a shop far away , that if you have 
questions or problems with it you would have to pay freight to ship or long 
distance phone calls when you could just go to local guy and speak with him.
We have a great machine shop in town that i use over and over with no 

As far as the larger oil pump using hp for nothing , i not to sure about 
that ,once you add the full-flow kit and the extra sump you are moving quite 
a bit more oil, and since i like to drive hard, for me i would rather make 
sure i am getting the oil pressure in need.

again-just my 2 cents...

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