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[T3] please (trouble)shoot me!

... running poorly....  whatever was a little bit wrong before, just got a 
lot wronger.
 What year? What engine? FI or carbs? MT or AT? Have you done anything 
 to it lately?
Sorry to have left out the important stuff.  '72 squareback, MT, converted to 
dual Webers, 009, dual exhaust, aftermarket electric fuel pump by PO.  
The only things I've done lately are to patch a hole in an exhaust pipe, 
service oil pressure valves, and renew hoses between rocker area & breather 
stand.  No new parts or modifications.  Symptoms didn't show up 'til a couple 
hundred miles after the last time the engine compartment was even opened.

Here's an odd addition:  After staring at the thing and cleaning stuff 
(didn't know what to work on next, so figured I'd do a little tidy-ing, 
right?) for a couple hours yesterday afternoon, I fired it up.  Started and 
ran magnificently for about 5 minutes, idle around 850, very even exhaust 
note on both sides, with a barely noticeable lope on the righthand side (#1 
cyl has low compression & ugly plug), no backfiring or other untoward noises. 
 Took a 2-3 mile cruise around the neighborhood, everything's great, driving 
calmly thru all gears, but I'm just waiting for trouble to start.  About 
halfway through the trip, condition returned - very lumpy idle, down around 
400, sounds like a chevy big-block with a full-race cam.  Huge dead spot 
between idle & takeoff.  Smooth (but SLOW) acceleration, but very huffy-puffy 
at steady speed.
Again, here are the things I know are OK: valves (006 all around), dwell 
(46), gap (016), plugs (8 mos old, freshly cleaned), fuel pump (puts out 
about a gallon a minute), fuel lines (1 year old, no crud in filters).
This car has so much to teach me - but what the hell does she want me to 
learn this time??


'72 square
'69 square
Jax, FL

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