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RE: [T3] Missing on Acceleration

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I don't know about a FI distributor on a carbureted car?, but...

It could be rust in the gas tank. I had similar symptoms and found this to
be the source.  A quick way to see is to remove the fuel sender and look
inside to the bottom of the tank for rust at the outlet screen.  I replaced
the tank instead of messing with the home tank restoration process.  It cost
me $60 for a clean tank (with a sending unit) and I think it was $40 and up
to get the cleaning and coating materials.   Worked for me!

If the rust gets into the carb it can obstruct the jets and interrupt the
fuel flow rate.  The choke is closed when the engine is cold which draws
more fuel and, in turn, makes the car run better.  As it warms up, the choke
opens and less fuel is drawn through the jets.  The fuel flow becomes
intermittent as different amounts of rust particles pass through (or get
lodged in) the jets.

For short term, you can put an inexpensive plastic filter between the tank
and the fuel pump and change it regularly.  You can see the rust particles
in the filter as it accumulates.  For the first week or so after a new
filter was installed, my car even ran better.  After a month or so
(depending upon how much driving I was doing), the idle and acceleration
would degrade, then I'd know it was time to replace the $1.50 filter.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Guess I'm in a writing mood tonight,

Summerland, CA
'64 Notch 1600 dp (recently christened as Esther)
'02 V-Rod 1130cc, 115bhp (recently acquired for FUN)
'95 Geo Metro 1.0L, 3cyl (my 45+ mpg, gets me from A to B car)

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>Subject: [T3] Missing on Acceleration
>63 Notch, single carb engine, stock except for FI distributor.
>When I'm going through the gears lately there is a faltering miss.  It
>happens erratically, sometimes when I accelerate hard, sometimes when I'm
>just driving nicely.  It seems to get worse as the car gets really warmed
>up.  This is a new occurrence and to me it feels like an
>interruption in the
>fuel flow.  The heat riser tube is clear and I am fairly certain
>the valves,
>timing and carb settings are A-OK.  Any suggestions?
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