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RE: [T3] Forging ahead with short block

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Thanks for the input!  I went to the Gene Berg website and quite frankly it
is a little annoying.  There are no prices, no 800 number, and very few
pictures.  They could really learn a thing or two from Aircooled.net as far
as layout, product info, pictures of products, etc. is concerned. Can you
tell me more about what is included for $140? And the procedure? Will I have
to cut my rear motor mount, or does their kit prevent me from having to do

Also, I have just now found several references to how BAD it is to run a
line bored case.... meanwhile, I got my freshly line bored (.020" over,
.040" thrust) case back from the machine shop today.  The case had not seen
much use, it is a "new" universal dual relief case, but everyone I had
talked to locally agreed that it is better to start with fresh surfaces for
the main bearings.  Websites I have found tonight don't seem to agree. For a
stock motor, how bad is it to run a line bored case?

On a 30mm pump, Aircooled.net is saying that it is too high pressure (as
high as 300psi at the pump when the oil is cold) for a stock motor... anyone
care to comment?  Anyone ever use an oil pump from Sealed Power or Dynagear?

Thanks for the help!



I just thought i would toss in my 2 cents worth here...

Your motor sounds good , and good for you in building it yourself.
If you contact Gene Berg they have a Type 3 full flow kit ( approx 140)
this kit is all you need ,and come with great direction for the machine shop
to follow.
Very worth the money.
One the bearings ask the machine shop you are using if they have the crank
bearings, they should  and then you know they will fit , they can also
install the bearing on your crank for you and you dont have to to worry
about it.
Yes to swivel valve adjusters  (they rock) Yes to a new gland nut, never
re-use one..(If you have to pay 15.00 , it is like a cheap insurance policy)
Yes you can use the push rods, if they are straight..
Yes get at least 1 and1/2 qt deep sump and ...have you thought about total
seal rings for your pistons?


Dont use the Melling , i have had plenty of friend have them leak..they are
made from Steel (?) so they contract at diffrent rates than the VW case and
after time do leak.
Use a Heavy duty VW one--30 mm should do the trick

You shouldnt need a breather box since you are keeping it stock size..

Just my two cents.....

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