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Re: [T3] FINALLY!!

On 5 Mar 2002, at 17:26, Lee Billiot wrote:

> I finally finished putting the motor from a '71 type1
> standard beetle into my '71 auto Fastback 
> (Darlene...)  Everything works, fired right up after I
> fed her fuel and got the timing right.  The real test
> is tommorow, when I finish all the small stuff, Taping
> wires, tightning hoses, checking
> clearances....etc...

I REALLY hate to be the one to rain on your parade, but I'm afraid that, 
unless I misunderstand what you've done, you have some rough times ahead.

You can certainly install a beetle engine in a type 3 and make it run. The 
problem is that you can't make it keep cool. The 2 engine types have 
completely different cooling air requirements and the beetle engine will 
overheat in the type 3 body.

The problem is that the beetle engine expects to be able to draw in cool air 
from around its upper half, but that only works in the beetle where the upper 
half is sealed off from the lower half (where the hot air is exhausted.) When 
you install the beetle engine in the type 3 body it will suck warm air up from 
below and recycle it. In cool weather this will probably be fine for a long time, 
but on a hot day the engine will overheat and die.

This has been covered many time on this list, so you may want to check out 
the archives and read up on it. In the meantime, maybe you can see about 
rebuilding the original engine so you can keep your 71 healthy and happy. It 
should be a fine car once you get it all done up right.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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