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Re: [T3] Wanted: Engine

Forwarded back to the list, for general consumption. It's always best to do 
that, rather than divert messages just to me.

On 4 Mar 2002, at 20:52, Thomas wrote:

>     This type 3 stuff is very new to me still.  I had a '66 Bug in college, and
> my memory is a little dim 15 years later.  So I'm starting over with my
> Fastback.  A guy at AVERRE'S VW in Longview, WA has a 1970 FI turnkey engine
> he'll sell me for $500.  I KNOW that's how much I paid for my whole Bug, but I
> guess inflation catches up with everything, eh?

If you can get all the FI parts, you might want to just consider this. The FI 
works really well once you get it all in there and working right.

> The real question, will I be able to find a complete '67?  I've been looking for
> a motor for two months now, ,and the right one hasn't materialized yet. Should I
> be steeling myself for a longer wait?

You'll have to keep asking on this list, and perhaps on the aircooled VW 
newsgroup. Be sure to mention where you are located. Yes, you may have a 
long wait. Remind us again what you have and why you want a new engine. 
Remember to include the year of your car, what you want, and where you are 
located in every message that you send back to the list (not just to me.)

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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