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[T3] Forging ahead with short block

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hi all:

Thanks Jim for the info regarding my GEX motor.  I have decided to go ahead
with building a short block and reusing my cylinders/pistons, heads, carbs,
.009 distributor, fuel pump, etc.  I already have a Bentley manual and
ordered the "HOw to Hot Rod VW Engines" book you recommended from Half.com
(for only $9.50!).  When it arrives I will get with the machine shop and
we'll figure out how to hook up a remote spin-on oil filter.

My case is a slightly used, but UNCUT new universal case with the 8mm studs.
It is at the machine shop now being align bored.  I was thinking of going
with the following parts.  I have also listed the vendors I will probably
use as well and prices.

69mm counterweighted crank $119.95 (Chirco)
reman'ed connecting rods $59.95 (Chirco)
original cam (if in good condition)
new cam, rod, and main bearings (approx. $90 total - haven't decided on
vendor - maybe Sealed Power through Advance Auto Parts)
valve lifters (set for $59.95 - Chirco)
Melling oil pump ($44 to $68 - Chirco - not sure if I have flat or dished
I might go with a high volume Sealed Power oil pump from Advance Auto (where
I work) for $45.

Remember that my goal is a very reliable stock motor.  How does this set up

Also, should I or should I not reuse my push rods?
Should I reuse my cam gear and distributor gear?
Should I change to ball-style swivel valve adjusters?
Should I go with a new flywheel and gland nut? (My old flywheel and gland
nut seem fine now...).
Should I go with double thrust cam bearings or are single thrust fine?
Should I reuse my connecting rods or get reman'ed ones?
Should I also get a deep oil sump?
Is there any need for a crankcase breather box?
Is there anything I am forgetting?

And finally.... anyone got a complete Type 3 thermostat set up they want to
sell? :-)

Thanks for the help!

-Justin Earl
Cartersville, GA
'69 Squareback
'00 New Beetle

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