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Re: [T3] Knocking? And walking idle.

on 3/4/02 10:09 AM, Jim Adney at jadney@vwtype3.org wrote:
> Sorry, I don't remember the idle question. What was it?

The thing is, my idle speed fluctuates between 750 and 950, it cycles up and
down, up and down, and this is the closest I can get it to the 850 plus or
minus 50 idle suggested by Bentley, no matter how careful I am with the idle

It makes no difference whether I have the advance and retard hoses on or

Bentley says that for an uneven idle, I should check the connections and the
sensors. All my connections seem fine. Not sure how to check the sensors
without the Bosch tester, and besides, when Jim and I went over everything
last summer, all the sensors checked out fine.

If this is normal, why? Bentley doesn't seem to suggest that this should be
normal. Could this be a trigger point problem?

If not, what diagnostics should I do?

Again, my charging system is fine. I get 12V at the fusebox wrt ground with
the key off, about 13.5V with the car at idle (prob not completely warmed
up), and 15V when I raise the rpms, just like Jims FAQ says I should.

Mike Wodkowski

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