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Re: San Diego meet

< Jason wrote:

< You people..... !
< For those who did not attend you missed a beautiful day. 

I share his frustration with a little less expressed emotion.
I would have been there but being in Japan at the moment, made it
a little harder.

Yes, with 53 people signed up for the group, just 6 cars attending, 
is not a big showing for just a once a month activty that 
requres no money or work on the part of it's members.

I will probably have to place some of these people in an 
inactive list this summer and contact them to see if they
wish to be removed from the list.

It is great to have a VW type 3 community on the internet, in
various sites such as Greg Merrit's but it would be much greater 
to have the people actually meet sometimes instead of rarely.
It takes less effort to read and send e-mails than to drive.
5 to 30 miles to meet with friends and spend 3 hours relaxing, 
while forgetting about work or the TV program.
An e-mail from members that cannot attend a certain event can
give assurance that thay are still around and interested. Maybe 
next time I will send an e-mail just for every individual,
I have had better success with that.

I guess, next time I will bring my big BBQ grill with lots of 
food, that tends to attract lots of members.


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