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RE: [T3] Supercharging / Turbo-ing a d-jet

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hello Charles,
	I am in a very similar position to you, I too will be building a 2ltr
Turbocharged Type4. I am probably going (n.b. still in the planning stage)
to go for the K-Jet system which is a Continuous Injection System that is
very forgiving when it comes to performance engines. Steer clear of the
D-Jet for your purpose, it's a good system on stock engine configurations
(I've been running a stock engine with the D-Jet system for 12 yrs with
minimum fuss) but for a performance application it's a turkey.
	The most I think you can do with a D-Jet is run a normally aspirated 1776
with a stock compression ratio (as I believe some people on this list do).

I recommend you read the following book which gives a good grounding for the
various different types of Bosch FI systems:


Also if you're Turbocharging VW aircooled engine, the Turbomania book by Bob
Tomlinson is indispensable:


Also for Type4 engine related info check out the Type 4rum on Shop Talk


Let me know how you progress.

'73 Fastback


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Subject: [T3] Supercharging / Turbo-ing a d-jet

Hey guys. I'm getting ready to build a 2L type 4 for my squareback and I
have been planning on using a d-jet FI and I am not sure if I should
turbo or supercharge it- I'm not sure how the d-jet would response. If
anyone has tried to do this, your ideas and comments would be most
greatly appreciated.


Charles Navarro

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