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Re: [T3] '63 Squareback trivia

<x-charset iso-8859-1>The lack of warm-up equipment also makes for interesting problems when you
install a later engine into an early car.  On the early engines the cylinder
head tin around the spark plugs is narrower since there are no warm air
'tubes' running above and beside the valve covers.  If you go to install an
engine with the later, wider tin it WILL NOT FIT into the engine cavity
without modifying either the engine tin or the body of your car!

63 Notch, 65 single carb engine

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Subject: [T3] '63 Squareback trivia

> I was looking at some stuff on my '63 Squareback this weekend and noticed
> the following:
> 1. There is no thermostat.  Never had it.  Not only that, no warm-up flaps
> and the fanshroud is not even drilled for the left-to-right flap rod.
> 2. No road draft downpipe, never had it.  The breather thing is smooth on
> the bottom.
> I see in my parts book that Type 3s didn't have warm-up parts until the
> 1964 model year - August, 1963.
> Interesting...
> Everett
> '63 and '67 Squarebacks
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