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RE: Re: [T3] low-back seats

The main reason I wanted the low-backs was looks, also the back on my
high-backs was broken. I felt like I was lying down. I've had low-backs in
another car of mine and was rear ended multiple times( I'm fine, honest ;).
For some reason now that I have the seats in it seems as thought the don't 
slide back as far as the high-backs.          Jonathan

"ish" <lowrider-ish@kscable.com> wrote:

>Guys I have a couple sets of both types, am in Kansas, would gladly let a
>set go cheap, If they figure out shipping. E-mail if you want more info
>68 sq back {darkside full custom
>73 superbee
>71 superbee (oriignal owner - 17,000 miles
>just went to nebraska and picked up a 71 sq back complete, the price was
>right , free come and get it
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>Sent: Sunday, March 03, 2002 10:28 AM
>Subject: Re: [T3] low-back seats
>> I've a house full of them (well, my wife says so), but I don't expect to
>> able to bring them to the invasion!  Odd - it's the high-backs that are
>> expensive over here!
>> Is it just the backs that are different, or the seat base too?
>> Don't your backs have the lever?  They must be the ones triggered by the
>> lever on the A-post that the door releases.
>> Dave.
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