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Re: [T3] Help...it wont start

Have you tested your solenoid and starter? The solenoid is the black metal
cylinder attached to the starter. (Forgive me if I sound patronizing here...
you probably damn well know what the solenoid is. I just like to be thorough
about my explanations for the rare individual that knows less than me about
these cars.) 

In neutral, brake on. Turn the key to the on position. Take a screwdriver
(or I made a little hotwire w/alligator clips) and put it across the two
bolts on the solenoid. You should get a spark and hear a click and a whirr.
this bypasses the solenoid and connects the battery to the starter directly
(note how one bolt holds a wire going to the battery, the other holds a
connection to the bigger starter motor). If nothing happens, you have a
starter problem.

If you get the click and whirr, next note that there's a small terminal on
the solenoid that goes to the ignition. Connect your screwdriver across this
terminal to the bolt that is battery terminal on the solenoid. Now the
engine should turn over. You may have to do this a couple times, but two is
the most I've ever had to do it.

If that works, you unstuck the solenoid, and now tap it a bit with the
screwdriver all over to keep it unstuck a while.

If it doesn't work, you need a new solenoid. If the starter turns but really
slowly, check the upper right hand mounting bolt to see if its good and

If all that works and you can't start the car with the key anyway, check the
ignition switch.

Mike Wodkowski

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