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Re: [T3] Knocking? And walking idle.

Thanks for all the info everyone! But here's what happened...

This morning, low on coffee intake, listening to the sound, like its coming
from the RH back passenger side. Is it coming from the heater? Can't figure
it out because I'm driving. I pull into my studio. My bag and steering wheel
lock is on the front passenger seat, my coffee is on the floor, I've had 4
hours sleep. I pull the front pass. seat forward to pull the car forward and
back with my head back there, but knock my bag and club onto the floor and
spill a huge cup of coffee all over the front floor.

I get a sponge to clean the mess and while I'm down there I see the unused
wiring from the passenger seat has worked its way through a quarter sized
hole in the floor pan in the back and the wire and  connectors are just
dangling onto the pavement!!

I wonder how long it would have taken me to see that if I hadn't spilled...
I would have been yanking CV joints etc. until I was blue in the face.

Gotta get that floor pan fixed...gotta fix those leaks...gotta check those
CV joints...gotta get some sleep...

So..no suggestions about my idle speed? I'm going to check all my
connections and sensors when I get the chance.
Mike Wodkowski

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