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Re: [T3] another valve check question

<x-charset iso-8859-1> ok, im confused.  i adjusted the valves on cylinders 1
> and 2 fine, but the valve springs on exaust valves 3
> and 4 extend passed the tip of the rocker arm(just
> barely) making it impossible to use the feeler gauge
> to check clearance.

assuming that you have followed the procedure properly (clockwise to #1 TDC,
then COUNTER-clockwise to #2, COUNTER-clockwise to #3, and then
COUNTER-clockwise to #4), you may need to shim the rocker arm shaft.  First,
confirm that your head is still torqued down properly.

Some of the T3s came from the factory with head shims that fit between the
head and the cylinder.  This would have provided more clearance for the
valves, too.  Its possible that during a rebuild, somebody forgot to put
them back in BOTH heads (as in my case this summer from the PO)

Something else to check is the length of the pushrods.  It's possible to buy
shorter pushrods, although I don't particularly recommend it.  If the valves
for #3 and #4 were previously not properly set (i.e. there wasn't enough
clearance) it can do some severe damage to your camshaft and you might not
even notice it.

I wouldn't worry about the oil differences spilling out.  That can just
happen by pulling into the driveway at a certain angle (and the excess oil
travels back down the pushrod tubes into the case).

Whatever you do, don't just try to put a bandaid on.  When I discovered the
EXACT same condition on my T3, for safe keeping I pulled my engine.  I was
glad that I did because the cam was shot due to faulty valve clearance and
mismatching cam/lifters. (not to mention the missing head shim)

Good luck!

68 Notch (Nadine)

68 Notch (Nadine)

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The Bug Stop in Arlington, TX

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