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Re: [T3] another valve check question

On 3 Mar 2002, at 2:24, jadabrez wrote:

> ok, im confused.  i adjusted the valves on cylinders 1
> and 2 fine, but the valve springs on exaust valves 3
> and 4 extend passed the tip of the rocker arm(just
> barely) making it impossible to use the feeler gauge
> to check clearance.

It is normal for the tip of the valve stem to be slightly recessed below the 
spring retainer, but the feeler gauges are flexible enough that this is seldom 
a problem.  

Tightening the adjusters just makes things worse, but if you loosen them, 
then you'll get the clearance you need to get your gauge in there. There is 
also a certain amount of experience involved in knowing just how to slip the 
gauge in there. Opening up the adjustment will make this easier.   

The first thing I usually do when I start adjusting is reach up there with just 
my hand and try to rock the rocker back and forth a few times. With 
experience you will soon be able to guess how close the gap is. If the rocker 
has NO play you will discover this, too, and you'll know that you'll have to 
open up the adjustment before you have any hope of slipping the gauge in 
there. When I'm finished, I push the rockers back toward the pushrods, to 
open the gap at the valve tip so I have the best chance of getting the gauge 

Yes, it's possible that there's something wrong with the tip of the valve, but 
that's unlikely. It's much more likely that you just don't have the full sense of 
what you're trying to do yet. That will come with experience. 
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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