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[T3] another valve check question

ok, im confused.  i adjusted the valves on cylinders 1
and 2 fine, but the valve springs on exaust valves 3
and 4 extend passed the tip of the rocker arm(just
barely) making it impossible to use the feeler gauge
to check clearance.  i checked the mark on the
crankshaft pulley at least 10 times to make sure it
was at TDC.  i dont think this is the problem since i
was able to line it up correctly for 1 and 2.  i even
had a friend turn the engine by hand while i stayed
below to watch the rocker arm action.  that is as far
as the rocker arms come out.  the only way i could get
them to clear the spring was to tighten the adjusting
screws enough to push against the valve stem and
compress the spring.  but obviously when i tried to
loosen the screw to get some clearance the spring
would extend to the arm again.  the intake valves are
fine, i adjusted those.  the engine was stone cold and
the car was not jacked up.  something that may be of
some relevance... when i removed the valve cover for 1
and 2 a lot of oil spilled out, but when i did the
same for 3 and 4 it was pretty dry.  is this normal? 
the only manual i have handy is pretty vauge(i just
ordered 4 more, heh).  the only thing i could even
guess may be the problem is a damaged valve stem??? 
help.  thanks.

jadabrez (first-timer)
71 fasty FI

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