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[T3] San Diego meet

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Well the San Diego Type 3 group again showed up in stellar force. Not only
were there Type 3's of all variety but we packed the lot and no other cars
could get in! The food was................ Wait a minute, am I high!
Actually the get together was very Limp. The usually folks were there.....
again. I missed Jack and Ron as they left early. I don't blame them. I am
seriously considering uniting a small group of die hards to keep it real. As
I know with allot of "clubs" attendance is always a problem, but to go
through the trouble of putting a site together and have a mailing list only
to have the same 4-6 people show time and again. COME ON! To top it off P.A.
Davis and his thing has been hanging with us because the thing people suck
more. Get real people, you SUCK!

For those who did not attend you missed a beautiful day. Dans fuel pump
crapped out in his 73 blue fast and started to drip under his car, so he
left it and I drove him home. Serves him right for owning a fuel infected
car. ;) P.A. and I discussed the future of my 64 basket case notch in his
hands......... very dark. It may happen if the original buyer falls through.
So I think I may have a BBQ at my place again with invites only to those who
actually PARTICIPATE. I guess we SDT3 people cant have our cake and eat it
to. Shame realy. Check out the pics. The first looks like Im in Monte Carlo.

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