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Re: [T3] project 1972 squareback for sale plus alot of extra parts to go with it

On 2 Mar 2002, at 20:13, Samuelvw@aol.com wrote:

> heres my deal.  I was going to restore my 72 squareback but i after hearing
> about a girl who drove her 1971 squareback from oregon to connecticut and
> decideing not to return home with it she  put it up for sale. In the long run
> this would be a better investment for me  my friend and i  went to take it out
> for a spin. And  take a  look at it oh my god the car was georgous rust free top
> to bottom inside and out the original price was 3000.  But she was leaving on
> thrusday so she dropped the price to 1500 is that a good price ? for a 1971
> squareback manual rebuilt engine and carbs.

71 is one of the very best years, but this car has been converted from FI to 
carbs. The backfiring might just be because of a minor timing problem, or it 
more likely means that the carb conversion was not done quite right. You 
may have some rejetting to do to get it to run right.

$1500 is a good price for this if it really is in as good a shape as you say, 
but I'd be concerned about the quality of the engine rebuild and carb 
conversion. The real problem is that you now have absolutely no idea what's 
inside there, so there's no way to know exactly how to tune it. If you're lucky 
you got some info from the PO, but I'll bet she didn't know either.

OTOH, I would have bought it, too. On cars like this a good body is 
everything. I can rebuild a perfect engine, but I can't restore the body once 
it's rusted away.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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