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Re: [T3] low-back seats

I am amazed that somebody would want to "down grade" from
high back to low back seats.  Everyone here strives to upgrade
from low back to high back.  It makes for a much safer vehicle
especially in cases of being hit from behind.

Here, in Australia, high back seats became compulsory from
July 1971 and were only fitted to VW sedans and wagons from
then.  So, low back seats with the lever knob on the side of the
backrest are very common here.  And, in Britain, Germany,
Netherlands, France, etc high back seats were never compulsory
during the production life of the Wolfsburg-made Type3.  In
Europe, high back seats were usually a very rare optional extra
only specified by buyers who knew about such things and who
could persuade the salesman to order them and who were then
prepared to wait many weeks for their new car to arrive specially
ordered from the factory.

However, if a perfectionist in the USA wanted a genuine lowback
seat back with its side lever and knob (1968 to 1971 models here
and 1968 to 1973 models in Europe) they could be supplied if
he/she was also prepared to pay for the freight costs.  Bear in mind,
too, that the seats underwent a change for the 1972 model year.  So,
the backrest would have to match the base.

Simon Glen
Toowoomba, Australia.

Jason Weigel wrote:

> I dont think its worth the time to modify original lowbacks and thats even
> if its possible. I do know that you can cut down the highbacks to look like
> lowbacks and they will have the lever feature you are looking for. I have
> seen this done several times.
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> Subject: [T3] low-back seats
> > So I finally got myself a set of lowbacks for the fasty, they need new
> > covers, but its hard to beat 50 bucks for a set with good frames. The one
> > question I did have is can I modify them using my old high-backs so that
> > I have the lever on the side of the seat to flip the seat back forward for
> > entry into the rear seat. I remember hearing something wierd about how the
> > old lowbacks locked into position.        Jonathan
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