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Re: [T3] Knocking? And walking idle.

On 2 Mar 2002, at 9:23, Mike Wodkowski wrote:

> > On decel, this really can't be knock.
> How come

Knock is the sound of explosive spontaneous detonation in a cylinder. This 
happens when the pressures (and temps) inside that cylinder reach a point 
where the mixture explodes on its own. Since it is pressure dependent, if it 
happens on decel, it would happen even more on access, when the throttle 
valve is open and more air/fuel is being let into the cylinder.

> I had a wheel off on that side recently. I'll check the lugs.

It might even be a lug bolt loose inside a hubcap.

> It sounds SO much like little bouncing ball bearings, I literally started
> wondering whether some buckshot got loose in my heater channels or
> something. 

Another thing to check would be the CV joints. Grab each axle shaft in turn 
and yank it back and forth axially a few times. They should each travel about 
an inch. If one of them feels odd, you may be approaching a failure of one of 
these. I've had CV problems which were "fixed" by just jerking them around 
like this; I assume this redistributes the grease.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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