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Re: [T3] Knocking? And walking idle.

The noise is literally the sound of if someone were slowly letting tiny ball
bearings or stones fall in steadily increasing amounts, from one to a four
or five, drop into an aluminum can. Note that this sound is so similar to
little balls bouncing it even increases in frequency the way balls bounce on
the ground:


At first hear I was trying to associate the sound with something and my
first guess was a spark or a just barely creaking joint, but with repeated
listening, my description above is on the money and doesn't respond the way
a creak would, and is too regular for electrical.

It sounds like its coming from the passenger side, but I don't trust that.

> On decel, this really can't be knock.
How come

No. I thought about the sound reflecting. But I had to rule it out once I
got on the wider Avenues.

The sound happens as I slow down to stop. ALWAYS and only on deceleration,
usually around 15-20 and below. BUT it is not related to me hitting the
brakes, because I did a test just decelerating to before the car would jerk
around  from going too slow, no brakes on, same thing.

I had a wheel off on that side recently. I'll check the lugs.

It's not the VR. I'm familiar with that noise from a previously fried VR a
few years back, which is a less tinny, more hollow sounding click, rather
than this ticking noise. Not to mention the location is totally wrong.

It sounds SO much like little bouncing ball bearings, I literally started
wondering whether some buckshot got loose in my heater channels or

Mike Wodkowski


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