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Re: [T3] Fiberglass body panels?

<x-flowed>Hey Jeff, let the list know where you find "new" sheet metal panels. I'd buy 
some just for spares!
Tom Hay

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From: Jeff Vier <Jeff.Vier@transora.com>
To: Type 3 List <type3@vwtype3.org>
Subject: [T3] Fiberglass body panels?
Date: 01 Mar 2002 16:27:52 -0600

My new '67 Squareback is in need of some paint - it's all primer right
now.  But there are some rust spots eating through the body panels.  So,
I have to either fix them or just get new ones.

I rather prefer to have "completely good" panels versus patch-jobs, so
I'd probably be buying new ones.

Here comes the tougher decision - original or fiberglass?

Keep in mind I've not done a cost-comparison - and economy is definitely
a concern.

So, could I get some opinions or anecdotes, I would appreciate it.

I wouldn't be trashing the originals, keep in mind - just taking them
off for "functional" panels.  I want the car to look more or less
"period"  (not bone stock, but not hot-rodded)

Another issue, too, is I live in Chicago - land of Ice and "Salt".  our
roads eat cars for lunch.  And I plan on driving this car year-round.


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