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[T3] Knocking? And walking idle.

<x-charset ISO-8859-1>To refresh memories...

72 Squareback, FI, manual.

Decellerating today I noticed this tik..tik..tik.tik.tiktiktiktiktik
noise, repeatedly. Sounded like it was coming from the passenger side, but
that's prob. just funny acoustics, because when I thought about it,
it sounded like little ball bearings dropping into a metal can...
Now, I've read Jim's description of knocking enough to know that this must
have been what I was hearing, but it was only on decel.

Note the 72 has a vacuum retard for deceleration.

So, checked the dwell and timing.
Dwell: 48
Timing 5 BTDC hoses off.
Idle: Now here's the prob. The best I can get the idle is between 800 and
1000, it literally goes back and forth, even with the hoses off, and there's
no amount of fiddling with the idle speed screw I can do to get it to
steady. Anyway, that was the idle.

Charging system is fine. I checked it last weekend. I get 13.3-13.5V at idle
and 15V at higher RPMs

I'm using 87 Octane gas. But I've been told  this shouldn't be a problem
since this is a low compression engine.
What else should I be looking at?
Mike Wodkowski

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