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[T3] im going to england for 10 weeks

<x-charset iso-8859-1>hello all.
           well not hat i get to post as much as i would like too at the
moment but im unsubscribeing due to going to England on a course for ten
weeks the sqr is my transport!

           heres one ill leave all the carb guys with when you next
balancing your carbs spring tune up is a good time set them static with the
rh adjustable rod disconnected then replace the rod when you are happy with
a steady hand hold your revs at 2000 and check carb balance again are the
pulling the same vaccume? adjust the link (more than likely you will have to
reduce it in length slightly)

            check it static with the link fitted if vacumme on the rh carb
is high you tightened the link too much!

           you can see the cycle of this try it at 3000rpm as well .

            i did this yesterday and my rh carb was out slightly at 2500 rpm
it was noticeable just the wrong rev range really.

           now its pulling like a steam train again i went out for a
celebratory drive yesterday and revved it till 4900rpm in third it loved it
i just didn't have the heart to take it higher.

           take care all see you in about 10 weeks i will miss "the list"

1966 typ 3 sqr with fitted irs pan.
soon to run 2ltr + typ 4 power.
off the speedo in germany
if i can.

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