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Re: [T3] Timing and other questions

On 29 Jun 2002, at 8:38, Ben Doughney wrote:

> on 29/6/2002 2:52 AM, Jim Adney at jadney@vwtype3.org wrote:
> > 68-71 FI distributor would be set at TDC. 72-3 are set differently. Is this a
> > single vac adv or vac adv/retard?

> It is a single advance. After driving it yesterday, I am quite pleased with the
> performance, but the carbs definitely need some adjustment.

Just make sure that the mech advance is working and not sticky, and that 
the vacuum line is hooked up to an appropriate vacuum source. An 
appropriate source will NOT show any vacuum under any conditions that you 
can set up while the car is standing still.

> > No, this has been changed. Does your breather box have 1 or 2 plastic plugs in
> > its top? Up to 71 there was 1 plug; 72-3 have 2. They have different hose
> > setups and timing, and you have to be careful to get a consistent set of parts
> > in there. It sounds like you probably have a problem in this area.

> It has one plastic plug on it, and a single hose going to the air cleaner.

In that case there should have been a pipe brazed to the underside of the 
breather box that ran down to the oil filler pipe. Is there a stub running up a 
couple of inches from that filler assembly? Then there should be a large hose 
that connects these 2 pipes.

> On another note, I fixed my indicators. What the problem was, for some
> unknown reason, one of the PO's had installed a wire from the back left
> indicator to the back right one! I have no idea what they were trying to do, but
> as soon as I disconnected it, it started working fine.

Nice goin'. That must have been quite hard to find!

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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