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[T3] Need some advice on my wheelz/tire combo

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Okay, I'm kinda adrift here, so I thought I'd throw this question out to the
list to see what y'all think...

I'm currently in the process of choosing the tire/wheel combo for my 70
square.    It's currently lowered one notch in the front and will have a
2.0L type 4.    After consultation with my wife (it's her car), we've
narrowed the choices down to two (chosen for aesthetic reasons by her):

1.  Empi 8 spoke repros (probably running 145s in the front and 165s in the
back, so I don't have clearance problems, like people running bigger tires
complain of)   The offset on these wheels is pretty bad though.   I believe
the stock offset is like 46mm and the Empis are 21 or something like that.
Though they are about 1/2 the price of a good set of Fuchs, I am worried
about such small tire width at high speed

2.  16"x6" Fuchs - The advantage here is that there's more rubber on the
road (as well as cool looks).   She will be driving the freeway quite a bit
and I want her to have plenty of real estate in the contact patch
However, I am very concerned about how these will fit properly.    I want as
little rubbing as possible.   I see Tom Notch has these fitted to his
beautful car, but his is an early version and IIRC may have more clearance.
I can always raise the car up to stock height if this will help.     Of
course the downside is that it'll cost to have everything redrilled for the
5x130mm pattern, but the upside to the downside is that FAT performance is
right around the corner from me, and they can do it right quick.

An addendum to this question that I'd like to pose to those with lowered
front suspensions is:   How rough is the ride in your car?     Have you
found any way to increase travel to smooth out the ride?     I'm currently
one notch down with KYB GR-2s (brand new).

Any input on this choice would be greatly appreciated.

Happy motoring.


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