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Re: [T3] Swivel Feet Adjusters

On 25 Jun 2002, at 21:01, John Jaranson wrote:

> In rebuilding the engine for Sophy, I went with swivel feet adjusters.
> But, I can NOT get any clearance for adjusting the valves.  I put the
> spacers that came with the adjusters under the rocker assemblies.  Do I just
> need thicker spacers?  How much does adding these spacers change the geometry? 
> Is there something else I need to do, such as grind the face of the rocker arm
> down where the swivel foot seats?

Here's what I do:

Use about a .020 shim under the rockers. You don't want to overdo this, as 
shimming here changes the geometry and this has a VERY strong effect on 
valve guide life. Don't use the thick shims supplied as they change the valve 
geometry drastically. I figure that .020 is just about what the previous valve 
jobs sunk the valves by, so the geometry change is minimal. You can use 
more if you have sunk the valves more.  

Shorten the pushrods by about .040-.060. Keep it small so the oiling holes 
still line up with the push rod..   

Use a carbide ball cutter in a drill press to countersink the face of the rocker. 
Do this last so you can do it only as much as actually needed, plus maybe 
.010-.020 more for future adjustability.   

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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