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Re: [T3] Getting my Fastback home

on 25/6/2002 10:52 PM, Per Lindgren at lindgre@online.no wrote:

> I can say that it is a 1971 model, but I cant say anything more specific
> than that. Dave Hall has a page on his site that tells you more about
> how to find the production date. One thing I wonder about, is your car
> perhaps a German or Australian made one?
It is a German one.

> As a general rule, it will have enough juice to fire if it has enough to
> crank. I assume you have a carbed car here, since you said you tightened
> the cover of the fuel pump. I know that correct voltage is more
> important on FI cars, but a carbed car should start (when rolling) at no
> more than 10 volts. BTDT.
The battery that it had in it was a bit run down, it only had enough to give
it a couple of turns. I think it could have been run down even further from
the wiring mishap.

> Now to the most important thing: When will we see pictures? :-)
Probably not for a while. My digital camera is only black and white, and I
need to get a decent colour one so I can stick some pictures on my web page.
(I might charge up my old one anyway, and get some pictures up).

Ben Doughney

'75 1200L
'63 1200 - Ringo
'72 1600TL


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