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[T3] Getting my Fastback home

Hello list,

I picked up the Fastback today, and I have lots of questions, I will put
them in emails to follow this one. The chassis number on it is 311 2064191
can anybody tell me when it was made?

I went to pick it up in the afternoon, and the car went quite well, up until
it stopped dead! ;-) I noticed that the brakes were sticking on, the
handbrake and clutch need adjustment and it needs a good tune-up as well but
it went quite well considering it has been sitting around for a while.

After it stopped, I spend about 1 1/2 hours fiddling trying to find the
problem- it would crank but not fire. Initially I thought it was the battery
because it didn't have enough juice to fire it up, so I went home with my
mum (who was following behind me luckily) and got the battery out of my
beetle. It would crank on that but still it didn't fire. I gave up in the
end and towed it home. When I got in the driveway I noticed it was leaking
fuel, but that was easily fixed as the fuel pump cover was not tightened
down. I got out my multimeter and started testing the ignition system when I
noticed two wires on the + and - terminals of the coil. I traced these
inside the car, and under the carpet to the front passenger side. It was
here that the bare wires were shorting out and had melted themselves
together and onto the foot rest. After removing the wires it fired straight

I am going to give it a good tune up and oil change tomorrow, and hopefully
I will get time to go to my VWFLAPS to pick up some bits and pieces.

Ben Doughney

'75 1200L
'63 1200 - Ringo
'72 1600TL


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