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[T3] Front end - Hail to the Keith


All I can say is I'm extremely happy I waited for the chance to visit Keith
upstate to replace the lower ball joints on my squareback. Namely since he
instantly noticed that my torsion arms were moving laterally about 1/8". Not
only did I get a world of education as to what to watch out for - stuff that
doesn't get addressed in the Bentley like how carefully you have to pull out
the bolts that clamp the ball joint to the steering knuckle, but we also
took out the torsion arms and discovered that my stabilizer bar wasn't
broken, (Keith's main concern) but just that the torsion arms weren't
properly set. 

And as we were nearing the end of a relatively straightforward procedure we
hit a wall - the threads of the steering knuckle on the left side were so
shot they rounded off the bolt threads any time we tried to get one in, and
we could barley get one in at all. Had I been on my own at this point I
would have been tearing my hair out in clumps. Thankfully, Keith had a world
of patience with the problem and in between brief thundershowers, he finally
got everything back in place. And the results? My God, I just thought it was
the lightness of the car that made it wander all over the interstate lanes;
I just thought I had to concentrate a little harder on driving since the car
was old...all those years and NOW I finally have some idea of how well the
car truly handles! And no rubbing on the right side on tight turns! I can't
wait to see how it handles once I get it aligned. Now if I can only find a
reliable shop to do that...

Oh yeah, AND he noticed that my front axle ground strap wasn't bolted down -
hence the reason my horn goes off at hard braking.

Anyway, I figured that yet again I should make it public that Keith Park has
saved more than his own Type 3s, and he's a great, funny guy to boot. It's a
damn shame the world ain't populated with more guys like him.

PS - looking for upper front end bump stops and an inner left tie rod boot.

Mike Wodkowski


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