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I'm not a list member, but saw a nice beige 70 fastback at a wrecking yard in 

The fastback had kick out rear windows althought the actuaula rear locks were 
missing, the glass was there. All the other glass was in the fastback. The 
body had no rust an pretty shiney paint. The front and rear fenters were 
there. There were some dents that looked like they showed up as a result of 
moving around the yard to it's final resting place. The dash guages were gone 
and the dash pad was shot. The seats were cracked. The engine was in there, I 
think the auto trans was in there also--maybe semi-auto trans. The fastback 
had thebrake the long rectangualr brake pedal that incorporates the clutch 
and the brake shaft that come up from the floor if that clears anything up as 
to the exact type of trans.

The tailights were gone. But it is mostly there and a shame it was junked. 
Looks like it was Gradma's car and was forgotten than prematuring sent to the 
bone yard. 

I'm not a member of the fastback list, but wanted to send on the info if 
anyone is looking for parts that might be there. The info I gave above is all 
to the best of knowledge. I really don;t know more specifics and most likely 
won't be back to that lot for a while. So if you're in the area and it sounds 
like parts are there you need check it out. I was at the yard on Fri June 28.

The yard is in Sun Land, north of Burbank, CA on the 5. It's a U pick U pull 
junk yard called A-Foriegn-U-Pull-Parts, 8520 Telfair Ave., Sun Valley, 


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