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Re: [T3] using the roof rack

On 23 Jun 2002, at 9:52, Greg Merritt wrote:

>  Ours is the late sixties/early seventies style screw-on 
> Squareback rack that was available at the dealer.  Do folks have 
> experiences with and suggestions for using this rack on long trips at 
> 70+mph speeds?

I would put light things there, as you suggested, and wrap them in something 
watertight, like a tarp with an eye to keeping water out. Learn the "diamond 
hitch" and perhaps you can even find a reference to a double diamond which 
would work well with this aspect ratio.

Make sure that all the screws are tight, including the set screws that hold 
the bars to the uprights.

I have wondered whether I could cut a couple of crossbars from 2x4s, lash 
those to the rack bars, and lash bicycle seats and handlebars to the 2x4s. 
You should stop often, especially early in the trip, to check your work.

Keep in mind the poorly attached tarps and loads you see on other cars 
driving down the road. Once they stop there are few clues that anything's 
amiss since they don't have the advantage of actually watching their packing 
job at speed.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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