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Re: [T3] Wierd electrical problem

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> So at this point you've changed the fuse twice and each time that seemed
> fix it? Can you tell use which fuse it is and what it seems to supply? If
> take this fuse out, does the starter still work?

That's right. I've actually wired the car from scratch according to the
Haynes wiring diagram. In the Haynes diagram, the fuse that blows is no. 8.
One side of it goes to terminal 30 on the hazard warning light switch, while
the other goes to terminal B+ on the voltage regulator, and thence to the
battery. It is an 8 amp fuse.

> There should be NO fuse in the starter line. I don't know what VW expected
> to protect that line, but they didn't provide a fuse for that. If you have
> this so that there is now a fuse there, you may need to just install a
> fuse. The starter draws a LOT of current for a brief moment, then it drops
> just a lot of current.

It's never really given any trouble up to now, and all I changed was the
routing of a couple of wires. Also, as I said, each time I changed the fuse,
everything seemed to work again for the rest of the day.



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