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[T3] Setting front torsion arm and rear spring plate angles

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Hi

Latest challenge on the '72 squareback restoration is putting the front and
rear axles back on the nicely painted floorpan.

I'm currently doing the front axle, just about to reinstall the torsion
arms.  I picked up a better front axle for mine, but unfortunately this
meant swapping torsion arms and losing all the settings.  Reading the bently
book, its all very easy to install with the special vw tool, however, since
I have no chance of getting hold of the special tool, how can I go about
getting my splines correctly orientated?

How about this method:

Set the floorpan level. I would do this by using a spirit level on the
tunnel hump flat piece by the gear shift aperture.

I was then thinking of making up some kind of angle setting device.  I can
use a cad package to print off a piece of paper with a vertical line and
another line at the correct angle setting (39 degrees and a bit - need to
check the bently).  I would probably stick this piece of paper to a
wooden/metal template, that I can align with the torsion bar centre point
and the centre of the arm towards the balljoint.  I can use a vertical
spirit level to get vertical and then rotate the arm on the splines to line
it up with the 39' setting.

Anyone got any better ideas?  My main problem is picking out the true centre
of the torsion arm.

I was also thinking of  a similar idea for the rear.  That should be easier
because I can measure straight of the spring plates.



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