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Re: [T3] I'm getting a Fasty!

on 23/6/2002 3:45 PM, Jim Adney at jadney@vwtype3.org wrote:

>> Where are the drain holes for the doors?
> There are 2 drain holes per door, one at each corner.
Yes, the water was coming out of the corners, I just thought it was the
seams. I am going to check them out as soon as I get it home because there
was a fair bit of water in there.

>> Can the ignition switch part be pulled apart like the bug ones can? Is this
>> part hard to find if it needs replacing?
> They are similar to a bug switch, and can often be disassembled and
> cleaned if you are good at putting tiny spring loaded parts back together.
I had the same problem once with one of my beetles, and I was able to fix it
by pulling it apart and putting the ball bearing back in the right place.
>> The indicator switch does not work in the left direction.
> I think this switch is different from a bug's also, but I'm not sure. I
> suspect 
> they are available, but the problem might well be elsewhere. Don't just
> assume the switch is at fault. New switches are somewhat expensive.
Is there a separate fuse for the left and right directions on the Type 3? I
didn't have a close look at the fuse panel, but noticed some fuse wire
wrapped around one of the contacts in place of a fuse.

>> The muffler looks a bit rusty, but it seems mostly solid, however it is and
>> extractor. 
> OE style mufflers haven't been made in nearly 20 years. If you can find one
> at a swap meet, buy it. I have a few, but I don't sell them cheap. They are a
> consumable item, they're no longer made, and when they're gone they're
> probably gone forever.
I will ask at my VWFLAPS when I am next there. They have a lot of nearly new
/ second hand parts, and they might have a Type 3 muffler in amongst it all.
I heard here that the OEM ones have some special heater parts on them or

Ben Doughney

'75 1200L
'63 1200 - Ringo
'72 1600TL - Arriving tomorrow


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