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Re: [T3] I'm getting a Fasty!

On 23 Jun 2002, at 12:29, Ben Doughney wrote:

> When I opened the doors, they were both filled up with water. There was no
> rust along the bottom of them, but I couldn't see any drain holes, the water was
> just running out of the corners. Where are the drain holes for the doors?

There are 2 drain holes per door, one at each corner. It is likely that this was 
where the water was running out. The holes are little ovals, about 3/8" x 
3/16". They are somewhat hidden by the door seal. You should open up the 
doors and clean out the insides to clear the drains. Otherwise the doors will 
rust out if water stands in them all the time.

> Second thing is, the 'start' part of the ignition switch has stopped working at
> some stage and somebody has installed a push button for the starter instead. Can
> the ignition switch part be pulled apart like the bug ones can? Is this part
> hard to find if it needs replacing?

They are similar to a bug switch, and can often be disassembled and 
cleaned if you are good at putting tiny spring loaded parts back together. I 
don't know if this switch is the same as a bug switch, but I believe this type 
3 switch is still available new.
> The indicator switch does not work in the left direction. It might be just
> the contacts, but in case it needs replacing also, is this the same as a bug
> part?

I think this switch is different from a bug's also, but I'm not sure. I suspect 
they are available, but the problem might well be elsewhere. Don't just 
assume the switch is at fault. New switches are somewhat expensive.

> The muffler looks a bit rusty, but it seems mostly solid, however it is and
> extractor. In case it needs replacing, I would rather have the original muffler
> on there. Are these available / expensive?

OE style mufflers haven't been made in nearly 20 years. If you can find one 
at a swap meet, buy it. I have a few, but I don't sell them cheap. They are a 
consumable item, they're no longer made, and when they're gone they're 
probably gone forever.

Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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