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[T3] I'm getting a Fasty!

<x-charset ISO-8859-1>Hi list,

I finally found a Type 3! It's a 1972 1600TL fastback, 172 000mi. It needs
some work, but is basically solid, and the engine seems to run well. The
interior is more or less perfect, it just needs a good clean. It has only
had 3 owners, the first was a doctor who didn't have it very long, and then
an old man bought it and kept it as his pride and joy until he died, so it
looks like it has been quite well looked after.

I will be picking it up tomorrow afternoon, but I have some questions.

When I opened the doors, they were both filled up with water. There was no
rust along the bottom of them, but I couldn't see any drain holes, the water
was just running out of the corners. Where are the drain holes for the

Second thing is, the 'start' part of the ignition switch has stopped working
at some stage and somebody has installed a push button for the starter
instead. Can the ignition switch part be pulled apart like the bug ones can?
Is this part hard to find if it needs replacing?

The indicator switch does not work in the left direction. It might be just
the contacts, but in case it needs replacing also, is this the same as a bug

The muffler looks a bit rusty, but it seems mostly solid, however it is and
extractor. In case it needs replacing, I would rather have the original
muffler on there. Are these available / expensive?

I am sure I will have lots more questions after I get it home tomorrow, but
that¹s all for the moment.

Ben Doughney

'75 1200L
'63 1200 - Ringo
'72 1600TL - Arriving tomorrow


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