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Re: [T3] Need rocker panel help

On 21 Jun 2002, at 23:42, Rainman wrote:

> Ok, I tried to follow the exploded views thread but it never gave me what I
> need...so, here goes...i want to repair the inside of my rocker panel. It has
> about 8 small holes in it and I would like to repair it from the inside. What is
> in there...i want to use an air chisel and cut out the top section on the door
> sill (that will be covered by sill plates later).  Does anyone have pictures of
> the inside (drivers side) or a nice hi res drawings?  I want to see what to
> avoid when I cut in.

I don't know of any source that will give you what you want. This area is very 
complicated and I think you'll be surprised and dismayed if you start to cut in 
there thinking it will be simple. There are about 8-12 different layers of metal 
in some areas and all of them are also structural, so you need to be 
prepared to put them all back together again once you're done.

Is it possible that the holes you're hoping to seal over were the original holes 
where the brite trim mounted? If so, you might be better off just welding them 
closed from the outside and sanding them smooth.
Jim Adney, jadney@vwtype3.org
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

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