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Re: [T3] CR heaven..... or is it?????

I think if you use the correct one for the type of problem you want to
prevent,they will help.
In my past I have first hand experance of Teflon type coatings. A 9"
ford rear end with a 6.xx gear ratio (memory foggy on the exact number)
After a 1/4 mile drag race the differental was so hot you would burn
your hand if you touched it, blistering hot. After having the ring gear
and pinion gear industral coated with Teflon, the differental was only
warm to the touch after a run.

I have no first hand experance with other coatings, but from what I have
read it would seem that  the newest generation of coatings have overcome
early problems of flaking etc. I will also venture to say that
cryogenics, when done correctly will improve engines and reduce part
Metalurgy, coating, physics, and therminal dynamics and the
understanding of these things have come a long way from the 1930's when
our basic engines were designed..

Some vanagon people have been doing this exact thing to the waterboxer
engine and have first hand experance with cermanic coating on the heads,
intakes, exhaust. I have not heard any negitives other than cost... Us
dubber seem to be very frugle (cheap) sometimes 8>D  

"Erkson, Toby" wrote:
> So, would ceramic coating the pistons and heads and valves and intake and
> exhaust help?  There are several types of coatings, to pull heat, contain
> it, anti-friction coatings, etc. so putting this into the mix could allow
> one more CR w/less heat into the engine (remove the need for external oil
> cooling).  Just speculatin'
>   Toby Erkson
>   '72 VW Squareback -- big engine, rag top, 5-speed, etc.
>   '95 VW Jetta GL III -- P-Chip, Jamex suspension, etc.
>   '81 Gold Wing -- stock, no touring gear!
>   Portland, OR.  http://www.icbm.org/

Richard (PapaG) Green

New Ulm, Texas

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