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[T3] Fuel Injection Compression Ratio - Type III

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Sent: Thursday, June 20, 2002 5:14 PM
To: martinezl@ftscpac.navy.mil
Subject: Fuel Injection Compression Ratio - Type III


I know you have been following the latest CR hopla on Type3.org.

What is the CR of the engine you just built? I know you have said that it is

running great and you have no complaints about it.

Thanks, Pat Kennedy

My compression was not documented using deck height,
bore,combustion size etc... I do not know the size 
of my MOFOCO heads combustion chamber , my deck 
height is pretty tight, almost max spec. ,engine is 
the standard 1600, 2nd ring is gapless, top ring,
piston, cylinder are from my old rebuild and 
had almost 45,000 miles (rebuilt engine because
of the botched cam gear selection)and no recrosshatching,
so now the these components have been used around 18,000
miles on this second rebuild for a 70,000, yeah I know 
breaking lots of rules due to frugality and laziness.
Head temps are still good.

 But I did document my compression pressure on 
different times. Around 5,000 miles, my compression 
was 130 lbs, even, all the way around. At 12,000 miles
my compression was 115 lbs. I now have around 18,000
miles on this rebuild since January and my last 
compression was 125 lbs. Differences probably due to 
engine temps and oil present on the rings ?

I will check my compression tomorrow while I change
my oil. I have been neglegent, I have not changed the oil 
for 5000 miles and it now looks dirty and one of my
hydraulic lifters are complaining. That is the only 
complaint I have with the engine but it will go away
after I flush the engine and change the oil. 

I still can hit almost 100 mph, I do that almost
weekly but hit 90 mph daily, the automatic's final 
drive ratio makes it possible. It is not a power monster or
a dragster but it can keep up with any car on the freeway 
but I usually end up passing cars up like they are parked, 
even police cars, for some reason my car is so slow looking 
(frumpy) so it is invisible to them (stealth), I have 
not gotten a ticket since 1987, but I do see them stop
Hondas that I just passed by.

I will make the Fasty's engine much bigger and increase 
the compression to experiment on how long it will last
before heads melt.




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