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Re: [T3] CR heaven..... or is it?????

Pat & List:

I hope no one is upset. I am not, and hope you are not. I really
appreciate your candor and heart felt feelings. I don't usually get on a
soap box for or against most things. And I hope I only get folks to ask
question, try to learn, be informed, and make choices based on all that
info.  It is everyone's choice. Go blindly into the night, or go out
with a spring in their step and a song in their heart. I mean no
disrespect to Gene Berg or anyone who thinks he it the one and only, or
those who think he was a nut. 

As I stated.. No flame, no personal attacks, and please everyone feel
free to speak your mind, remembering we all have minds... and they can
be a terrible waste at times :D  Like mine..

Thanks guys and gals..

Plk554@aol.com wrote:
> Richard, I have known this man for many years in my line of work. He is
> experienced enough to know what he speaks of.
> If the message I sent along to you all is upsetting, then I apologize to you
> all. Opinions are opinions and everyone has a bag or 2 full of them.
> Pat@volksclocks

Richard (PapaG) Green

New Ulm, Texas

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