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Re: [T3] Compression Ratio Recommendations


I think Brian's success is based on the "Whole picture"... including the cam and other aspects of the setup... someone mentioned this and I think that getting everything chosen properly is the key to success.

Keith, very well stated. Cam overlap, with traditional pistons (i know john and shad) really effects what you can do. i am actually running a very 'old school' cam. I just have a w120 cam from engle, but the exhaust flows the heads, and the carbs flow the heads and i am conservative with my timing in the desert. I usually only run 28 BTDC, but this motor likes 30 BTDC.

I think part of the difference of 'sides' is the stated objectives, when overlapped, is tough. If you want some more HP but stocker mileage, you get nervous getting radical at all. If you want all out power and better than most mileage, you probably aren't going to get there. But, if you want streetable HP, you can get almost stocker mileage! My motor is at a very mild 154 hp for it's size... i have seen them in more radical hp ranges of 190+ and only get 30K out of them. It is all in the overall goal.

-- Brian--1964 Notch Speedster 2332cc & 1959 Bug http://www.geocities.com/menacefye/ Type 3 Invasion Aug. 17th and 18th http://www.geocities.com/menacefye/invasion.html

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