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Re: [T3] CR heaven..... or is it?????

Your friend may (does) have some valid points, and I will venture to say
that almost everyone will agree that a 2.4l go fast goodie will not live
as long as a stock engine. Please take my comments not as flames, but
questions as to if this is a real honest view point or just some off
hand comments. Not to flame, but what does this friend who designs,
builds, and races formula cars, have special knowledge, or does this
imply something that I am missing? 

> "The piston and cylinders are close to what we used and shelved some years ago on the 12
> cylinder Porsche Le Mans cars. A street engine is a far cry from a $4500 go-real-fast engine. >These ideas are not readily applied to a $1000 near stock VW engine."
$1000 is cheap for a stock engine. $4500 is around what a performance
engine would cost in a lot of cases.  I don't think $4500 would be a
drop in the bucket for a formula car.

>"Heat Kills. Outside temps do effect an air-cooled engine as does a high compression engine"

You 'betcha.. on water-cooled engines too. 

>"Squash and swirl is great for combustion.... all physics, but heat is a by product of it all"
True BUT, Tell that to the car manufactures, who are trying to squeeze
all the performance, fuel mileage that they can out a engine. 

> "Street fuel is crap and will get worse."
>"After market fuel additives are not worth much, they are a sales  gimmick more than anything >else. That is the fact not to loose sight of."

I don't think any one is pushing these products. But raising octane
numbers is a fact not fiction. How you do so is a personal choice, or
lack of it.

>> Heat is the end reason that people have to use remote oil cooling systems. 

On all engines, water-cooled,  air-cooled, automatic transmissions,
diesels. Heat is death.

>"The people that are driving these ideas might just be as close minded and as opinionated as >Gene Berg was."

Everyone has there own agenda. you, me, your friend, even if it is not a
conciseness one.

>"There needs to be an explanation of how to have a cooler STOCK engine as compared to a 2.4 >liter go fast and die engine.  The big fast engines die quicker than the stockers do."

Only to a point, you can cool too much. There is documented studies that
show how much greater the wear is on engine parts before it reaches
operating temp. (Don't ask me for these, but this info is out there. I
read a lot of it in "fleet maintain" publications)

A over taxed (used, abused or?) small engine will not live as long as
one that has mild use.
This also brings out the Small block vs. big block subject.

> In what book or books can all of this information that has come from John and
> Shad be found? I would love to get deeper into the engineering  and physics
> of all of this,  without going back to school for my Masters...:+)

I can look for you if you would like. I have access to many electronic
resources at work. 

NO Flame intended!!!  Just my comments questions and 2 cents of BS   
Bologna Science :D 

Richard (PapaG) Green

New Ulm, Texas

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