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Re: [T3] Compression Ratio Recommendations

<x-charset iso-8859-1>You can't run a roller cam in a stock case, the sideloading is too great and
you'll simply break the lifter bore right off.

Shad's pistons have a machined dish in them, more or less matching the shape
of the combustion chamber. this means you need a different piston depending
on the chamber shape, which is dependent upon the head used (1.7, 1.8,, 2.0,
and 2.0 914 more or less). They are designed this way to allow the tightest
deck possible, without the CR going stupid high.

our pistons are DOMED (no dish). Ours are designed to create a "perfect
combustion chamber shape" (the head is 1/2 the chamber, the piston is the
other 1/2). Why guys run flat tops if they admit this fact is beyond me.
Spend hours reshaping chambers in the head to get them perfect, then throw a
flat top in there?

both are more advanced then flat-tops.

Shads will work with a stock chamber. Ours require chamber reshaping in a
few locations, which takes about 4 hours.

Aircooled.Net Inc.

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Subject: [T3] Compression Ratio Recommendations

> >> From what I understand, the Chrysler Hemi ran better on alcohol than
> >> gasoline.
> >Now you're comparing apples to oranges... and, you have to clarify
> >what you mean by "better."
> What I was trying to point out was:
> Chrysler Hemi being best muscle engine was his opinion.
> >From what I remember, the Hemi wasn't all that great on the street,
> but on the strip with burning alcohol (IIRC) they were a killer.
> Better means better.  Seat of the pants, more HP.  I thought the
> discussion I was refering to was about the hemi head design, and
> trying to point out that it was not a good setup for the street.  I
> remember having discussions with a local drag engine builder about
> combustion chamber design and flow versus quench.  I am agreeing with
> you Shad, not trying to side step.  I guess I look at things in a less
> mature and less scientific view.
> > I agree with most on Berg's principles.  He was right on most things
> > back in the 60's and 70's, but todays knowledge and technology has
> > long surpassed his theories.
> Let me rephrase this to get closer to what I meant.
> I agree with most current day VW enthusiast who are up to date with
> the recent technology in engine design,...Berg's principles are old
> school and out of date for the most part.  I did not say or mean I
> agree with Berg's principles.
> The rest of my post was trying to compliment and extend my gratitude
> for the input that you and John have for this thread.  I find it
> intersesting and very informative.  I was also trying to give a
> summation of the parts that are being referred to achieve the
> discussed theory.  Budget always plays a major role in any project.
> Right now, I am not concerned so much with budget as I am with getting
> the whole thing figured out correctly, so I can drive my 69 Fastback
> long distances with confidence and still have as much HP as possible.
> On the other hand, I don't care if I only get 30-50kmi out of the
> engine, because I will only drive the car 2-3kmi per year.  I also
> like to be different, and have things that most people don't, or do
> things differently than others.  I like to be the Jones across the
> street to keep up with.  I am still undecided on many things, like
> displacement, but I will not be able to spend any money till I get
> done with the stupid situation that my "wanna be x-wife" has put me
> into.  I am planning for the future, and I hope it is the near future
> (please let it be this winter).
> I am not trying to be an @**hole, just want to clarify.  I love what
> you and John are doing for the VW performance industry.  I just can't
> participate RIGHT NOW, but it takes me awhile to come up with the
> plan, or the "design" of the engine.  Call it research, but when I can
> cut loose the wallet seams, I want to be able to run with it.
> You and John keep up the good work, and your posts are well written
> and clear.
> Brian Schlepp
> 69 Fasty - "Purple Passion"
> Not the most knowledgable, but more than willing to learn.
> P.S. What is the difference between the JE pistons from Shad and the
> Superquinch fro John.
> P.S.S. Anybody got any ideas or theory on the roller cam setups.  I
> think Pauter is the only manufacturer, or is there others?  I have
> asked this question before, but never saw any response.
> ------------------------------------------------
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