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[T3] CR heaven..... or is it?????

Ok, I guess I will be the one to throw myself in front of this runaway train 
called "CR Thread".

In what book or books can all of this information that has come from John and 
Shad be found? I would love to get deeper into the engineering  and physics 
of all of this,  without going back to school for my Masters...:+)

A friend that designs, builds, and races formula cars ,made this statement 
when I let him see the string about all of this stuff.

        "They have something to sell, which is a good product, but it is 
based on JUST their interpretation of what they know and have used in their 
designs. One needs to market their ideas and products. The piston and 
cylinders are close to what we used and shelved some years ago on the 12 
cylinder Porsche Le Mans cars. A street engine is a far cry from a $4500 
go-real-fast engine. These ideas are not readily applied to a $1000 near 
stock VW engine. Heat Kills. Outside temps do effect an air-cooled engine as 
does a high compression engine. Squash and swirl is great for combustion... 
all physics, but heat is a by product of it all. Street fuel is crap and will 
get worse.  After market fuel additives are not worth much, they are a sales 
gimmick more than anything else. That is the fact not to loose sight of. Heat 
is the end reason that people have to use remote oil cooling systems. The 
people that are driving these ideas might just be as close minded and as 
opinionated as Gene Berg was.  There needs to be an explanation of how to 
have a cooler STOCK engine as compared to a 2.4 liter go fast and die engine. 
The big fast engines die quicker than the stockers do."

Don't shot me I am just the messenger. Thanks, Pat

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