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Re: [T3] Compression Ratio Recommendations

<x-charset iso-8859-1>Compared to my stock 1584 in the Square. The 1679 runs at the same temp and
both gauges have been calibrated.  Square gets about 3 or 4 MPG less.. its
heavier, but the Berg motor seems to run fine with the SH.  Timing?  Im
running happily now at 35... I could probably go a little higher. Hard to
Tune?  I dont feel any harder... I think the problem people complain about
is the fact that, at least with the stock carbs, you really are very limited
as to what you can tune.  Mixture is only changable in large incriments by
changing jets, you cant change the amout of flow from the accelerator pump
and the choke is archaic with no way to taylor its warmup curve in any fine
way.  When I go to FI, and can change each of these in a precise manner Im
sure Ill have it running perfectly, but even with the carbs its running
pretty well now.


> > Couple questions though:
> > 1) Berg cannot be totally off  the wall as he has built alot of very
> > powerful and durable engines and Im very happy with the HP output, gas
> > mileage and running temp of my mere 1679.
> COMPARED TO WHAT? Do you realize the engine would run cooler and get
> MPG and power if it was setup with a tight deck and wedge chamber? most
> users of the SH are comparing their new engine to a worn out old one
> much smaller displacement), so any comparison is worthless in this
> situation.

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