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Re: [T3] Oil Cooler Seals

On 20 Jun 2002, at 2:06, Plk554@aol.com wrote:

> I had a discussion with a few VolksFolks the other day and the subject of oil
> cooler seals came up. On late model blocks with 10mm oil galleys and a late
> model 10mm oil cooler, the cooler needs a small washer under the oil cooler pads
> on both bolts and stud. This is stated in all VW publications. Their opinion was
> that the seals do not need the washers and do just fine without them. They
> stated that the seal is squished out flatter (1/3 original thickness) only on
> the edges and not in the middle to restrict oil flow. The thought behind this is
> on a built up engine, it cuts down on oil leaks.

The spacer washers were used ONLY on early engines with early oil coolers. 
If used on late cars they would leak as if the seals had been left out 
completely. It is important to not a couple of things:

1) Most gasket sets don't come with the late seals, so people don't realize 
what their choices really are.

2) The spacer washers are NOT just the normal flat 6mm wavy washers; the 
spacer washers are about 1/8" thick.

3) The late seals are MUCH thinner than the early ones. This is why the 
early ones have to use the spacer washers.

4) Except for the hole diameters, early and late cases and coolers share the 
same geometry.

I have a FAQ which describes how to set up each configuration. I wrote this 
because there was so much confusion about this question. For example, 
this is one place where the Bentley manual gets it wrong. I think most 
manuals have this wrong.

I have sent Pat a copy of this FAQ.

Jim Adney
Madison, WI 53711-3054

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