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Re: [T3] Synthetic GL-4 found!

<x-charset iso-8859-1>I realize all that.  It's just that it's not what I'm used to paying :)
However, my tranny will be getting the synth. GL-4 now that I know where to
get it because the synth. stuff is excellent!

  Toby Erkson
  '72 VW Squareback -- big engine, rag top, 5-speed, etc.
  '95 VW Jetta GL III -- P-Chip, Jamex suspension, etc.
  '81 Gold Wing -- stock, no touring gear!
  Portland, OR.  http://www.icbm.org/

-----Original Message-----
> > The Amsoil in the yellow
> > label was specifically GL-4!  But it was about $10 for a quart!
>Is $10 a quart cheap or expensive for tranny oil?...

Relatively expensive, maybe, but I was thinking on this today and maybe 
this'll help put things into a bit of perspective.

I work at a semi-discount auto parts store.  We sell Master 85-90W GL5 gear 
oil for $3.89 /quart.  Conventional, dino-based gear oil, nothing 
special.  The Amsoil in question is about $10/quart, BUT it's synthetic, 
which is more expensive than dino.  It's also GL-4, which is (apparently*) 
becoming harder to find -- which also can translate to "more expensive" 
just due to the running around and hassle involved in finding it if your 
local FLAPS doesn't carry it.

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